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Forum for business, political and societal leaders

The exclusive mission of Lithuanian Davos

Today, as the Russian dictatorial regime seeks to wipe out freedom and lives in Ukraine with tanks and rockets, we call on democratic, business, and political leaders to find strength and, at the same time, strengthen democracy, defend and build a secure future for democracies.

Dear leaders of politics, business, and society, we must find the courage to free ourselves from the dictatorial influence of opaque systems and oligarchs operating in favor of Russia and its allies and to make decisions that maximize the economic, social, and defense potential of democracies, unite and protect lives.

We are well aware that this is not easy to do, neither in the US nor in Western Europe, nor even more so on the border with Vladimir Putin’s regime, because the regime and its allies are doing their best to keep this change going: consistently and diligently funding and nurturing, seeks to create a legal and information environment that would weaken democracies, divide and confront society, divert attention from key goals, and drown business leaders in the swamp of cynicism, vanity, and collaboration with benefits to Putin’s regime. In this way, the regime achieves a horrific result: democracies and their leaders are unanimously outraged by the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine, but even seeing bombs falling over Ukraine’s freedom, its people and its children are unable to make decisions.

The time has come to oppose this tradition of increasing the vulnerability of democracies, Putin’s ambitions, and aggression. That is what we will strive for at the Lithuanian Davos Forum. We think that it is the uniqueness of the forum we are organizing. After all, for 15 years in Vilnius, on the border with Putin’s regime, every year, both in the energy and economic forums and in the magazine Valstybė, we try to unite democratic forces against the energy, oligarchic and military invasions of the Kremlin regime. For 15 years we are trying to promote cooperation between democracies, technological, economic, social, defense, and value progress. We need this to oppose the most dangerous dictatorship of the 21st century. With your help, we will strive for this at this year’s Lithuanian Davos Forum.

We will not lie to you – so far our efforts have often been only a partial success, and we have not been able to unite the political, business, and public leaders of most democracies. We think they are afraid to resist the networks of influence created by the Kremlin and its allies, as well as the constantly artificial threats. But today, when the war in Ukraine has demonstrated to everyone the enormous cost of appeasing dictatorships and their allies, we hope that this time the leadership that clarifies and strengthens democracies will be much more and democratic leaders will no longer risk and wait for the next war caused by Putin or other dictators. We hope, that they will do their best to strengthen democracies and weaken the influence of dictatorial regimes so that there will be no other war that would destroy democracies.

We do not doubt that today we can still create a secure future for democracies and make Putin’s current war in Ukraine last. However, we can only do this together – by uniting and strengthening democracies. Therefore, we invite all democratic leaders who care about the future of democracies in Ukraine, Europe, to participate in the Lithuanian Davos Forum on March 21. Let’s be together here in Vilnius, on the border with the most dangerous dictatorships of the 21st century, unite and strengthen democracies, encourage them to build a future that is safe for all of humanity.

Democracy Development Fund

The organizer of the forums Lithuanian Davos and GreenTech Vilnius